Huntley Tower Outage

UPDATE: 05/08 @ 16:30
The repair work is complete and the Huntley Road site is back on the air. _____________________________________________________

UPDATE: 05/08 @ 14:30
AT&T is working to repair the data line that was pulled down, causing the outage. Restoration time is expected to be no later than 20:00 tonight. ________________________________________________________

The Huntley Road tower site is currently off line due to a failure in connectivity. The provider has been notified and is working on a repair. A message will be sent when the site is back in full service.

Hard Road Tower Work

Starting on Monday May 18th at 8am, technicians from Motorola will take the Hard Road tower site off line as part of the project to replace the equipment shelter building. The work is expected to last until the afternoon of Wednesday May 20th. During this period, this site will be off the air. Users in Dublin and along Riverside Drive will experience degraded walkie coverage, especially in medium to high density buildings in that immediate area. The backup talk-groups of COIRSLE and COIRSFD on the MARCS system will be available and monitored for backup communication, if needed.

A full service message will be sent when the work is complete.

Site Trunking Event – 05/04/20

At approximately 13:35 today, the COIRS system went into an unscheduled Site Trunking condition. The cause was electrical work taking place at the system master site that tripped a breaker unexpectedly. The power was restored and the system returned to normal at approximately 13:40.
Site Trunking worked as designed and there was no interruption of service to subscribers. Dispatchers utilized back up radios during the event.