Hard Rd Tower Off-Line

The Hard Road tower site has been taken off line as of 9am today. This site will remain off line until the system upgrade cut over set for December 9th. Users will notice diminished in-building coverage along the Scioto River corridor and in areas of Historic Dublin.

Due to the size of the equipment shelter and the fiber optics used to connect this site to the network, it had to be taken off line while Dublin IT and B&C Technicians complete hardware upgrades.

Cut-Over Set for Dec 9th

On Tuesday 12/09 starting at 8am, the upgrade of the COIRS radio system will begin and is expected to last approximately 36 hours. We are upgrading the system to version 7.14 and moving it to the latest IP technology.

A detailed plan for the cut-over will be provided this coming Friday, but here is a preview.

For responders, most of the transition will be transparent. Radios DO NOT need to be touched or reprogrammed. All of the talk-groups will remain the same. There will be three primary impacts:

  1. Channels will be converted in two groups. During the conversion, only half of the normal talk-paths will be available so busy signals will be probable. Keeping unnecessary radio traffic to a minimum during this period will help greatly.
  2. The Hard Road tower site will be off line for several days before and during the conversion to accommodate hardware and connectivity upgrades specific to that site. Walkie coverage along the river corridor will be affected.
  3. Roaming between the Dub/Wor/Hill side of the system and the Delaware side of the system will be restricted. This may cause minor coverage problems in some of the border areas.

For dispatchers, console cutover impacts are:

  1. Consoles will be cut over in groups. There will be a period of time when dispatchers will be operating on back up radios/control stations. Motorola will make every attempt to bring half of the new MCC7500 consoles up on the new system as soon as the first group of channels is converted. During this conversion, walkies/control stations will need to be used. ‘
  2. For high risk incidents where radio traffic is critical, be prepared to use the EMERGENCY feature on the consoles to hold the frequency. This will keep users at the incident from getting busy signals and ensure resources are available.
  3. Be prepared to move to back up systems if needed (MARCS/COLS)

We will be meeting with Motorola on Wednesday to review the final cut-over plan. Once that plan is final, a detailed description will be sent. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jay Somerville or Patrick Brandt.


Generator Repairs – Huntley Road

On Friday September 19th, Buckeye Power Systems performed repairs to the generator at the Huntley Road tower site. During a routine preventative maintenance check in August, technicians with BPS identified a coolant leak as the result of a bad seal. BPS performed emergency repairs, but recommended the unit be taken apart and resealed. Technicians performed that work on Friday and the unit is back in full service.

The very next day, there was an AEP transformer problem along Huntley Road which required the site to go on generator power for approximately an hour. The system performed as designed and users experienced no down time.


image10 image4 image9

Huntley Road Tower Update

XO dispatched AT&T to investigate the problem. When we arrived to meet AT&T we discovered that the T1 line was yet again struck by a vehicle on the Quick Crete lot and was torn down. AT&T will again restring the line and attempt to get it high enough so as not to be struck. The site should be back in service within the next two hours. A full service message will be posted when the work is complete.


Huntley Tower Struck by Lightning

beaconDuring the early morning of June 19th as storms rolled through the area, lightning struck the Huntley Road tower site (reg#1268153). Although there was no damage to the radio equipment, it appears the tower beacon control system was damaged and the day time strobe light is not functioning. The tower beacons were placed into night mode (which was unaffected) and will remain that way until TriCounty Tower Service can make repairs early next week.

A “Notice to Airmen” was filed with the FAA under ticket #06020ZZ. A full service message will be sent when the work is complete.