LEERN End of Life

With all Central Ohio law enforcement agencies now on 800mhz and a common radio template coordinated so everyone has access to operational talk-groups, the patch to the state’s Law Enforcement Emergency Radio Network or LEERN is being discontinued. Officers and agencies are encouraged to do directly to the dispatch or TAC channel to contact an agency. When requesting the Chopper from CPD, they will come directly to your agency talk-group for communication. LEERN will be removed from the template during the next reprogramming.

We also have LAW MUTUAL , located in zones 6 and 9, used/monitored by all agencies in Delaware County, NRECC agencies and Worthington PD. The equivalent in Franklin County would be SO-25 which can be found in zone 28. Most importantly, your dispatcher can set you up on one of the many regional TAC talk-groups that are available for inter-agency use.

This will be effective at 0600 on November 1st.

Network Maintenance Alert – Sept 13th

XO Communications has notified COIRS that they will be performing critical network maintenance on the circuits that support our radio system on Wednesday 09/13 between 00:01 and 06:00. There will be multiple connectivity interruptions of up to 1 to 2 hours during this time frame that will cause the system to go into site trunking.

Dispatchers will need to be ready to use back up radios/walkies during this outage. Although the consoles will remain connected, they will not be usable on COIRS talk-groups during site trunking & walkies must be used.

Field units will receive the “SITE TRUNKING” notice on their radios, but can continue to operate on their normal talk-groups. System roaming will be turned off during this time so that units won’t get separated onto the Delaware side of the system. Delaware County users will not be affected during this outage.

If you have any questions/concerns about the outages, please contact Jay Somerville

Governing Board – Special Meeting Called

The COIRS Governing Board will hold a special meeting via teleconference on Friday June 16, 2017 at 3pm. The purpose of the meeting is to consider resolutions related to the addition of the City of Upper Arlington to the Council of Governments and a resolution to fill the vacancy in the position of Treasurer.

For information on how to call in to the teleconference, please contact Board Secretary Jay Somerville.

Post Migration

Post migration is coming along. Trying to stay true to our word, we have two XTS-5000 radios programmed and ready to be picked up at NRECC by each department. You can stop in anytime today or tomorrow to get them.

Please play with the radio as much as possible and give us the feedback on it. As you get feedback, please send it to us so we can troubleshoot issues and get them corrected, don’t wait till the end.

We will expect your feedback and the radios back on Friday 2/10/17.

We have locked on our programming schedule and here is what we have set up.

2/13 & 2/14 – Washington Fire

2/15 & 2/16 – Norwich Fire

2/17 – Catch up any radios that are missed

2/20 & 2/21 – Worthington Fire

2/22 & 2/23 – Pleasant Valley Fire

2/24 – Catch up any radios missed


Version 8 Template UPDATED


Site Trunking Event – Sunday 11/27/16

The COIRS south simulcast went into site trunking today at approximately 10:25. The problem is with site connectivity involving XO Communications leased lines. XO reports they have a wide area outage affecting multiple customers. At this time, they do not have an ETA on resolution. All users of the south simulcast should switch to their “2” talkgroups to operate in site trunking.

A full service notice will be posted.