Failsoft Event – Friday 11/06

On Friday 11/06 at approximately 04:50hrs, the south simulcast went into a Failsoft condition for all users. Failsoft is a condition where the channels stop trunking and the system becomes a 7 channel conventional radio system. B&C Communications responded to the incident to discover a failure of the GPS receiver at the Avery Road site. The GPS is used to ensure all sites are synchronized. When this unit failed, trunking stopped. They quickly replaced the GPS unit with one of the on-site spares and the system was back in full service by 06:30am.

During the time the system was in Failsoft, users were still able to communicate by voice without interruption just as the system is designed.

If you have any questions about this incident, or need more information on the function of Failsoft, please contact Patrick Brandt or Jay Somerville.