LEERN End of Life

With all Central Ohio law enforcement agencies now on 800mhz and a common radio template coordinated so everyone has access to operational talk-groups, the patch to the state’s Law Enforcement Emergency Radio Network or LEERN is being discontinued. Officers and agencies are encouraged to do directly to the dispatch or TAC channel to contact an agency. When requesting the Chopper from CPD, they will come directly to your agency talk-group for communication. LEERN will be removed from the template during the next reprogramming.

We also have LAW MUTUAL , located in zones 6 and 9, used/monitored by all agencies in Delaware County, NRECC agencies and Worthington PD. The equivalent in Franklin County would be SO-25 which can be found in zone 28. Most importantly, your dispatcher can set you up on one of the many regional TAC talk-groups that are available for inter-agency use.

This will be effective at 0600 on November 1st.