System Upgrade Ready to Go!

Starting on today at 9am, Motorola will complete the upgrade to the COIRS radio system. This upgrade involves a “hard cut” over to the new system and will affect all agencies in Delaware & Franklin County that use the COIRS system. Below are the details of the cut over plan and what to be prepared for when it occurs:

  1. At 9am, Motorola will move four of the seven frequencies off of the old system to prepare for the cut over. This means there will be only three frequencies available for radio traffic. Please limit non-essential radio traffic between 9am and the actual cut over. There will be “busy signals”, so be prepared for them. Emergency banners will fully work and should be employed if you have emergency radio traffic and get a busy signal.
  2. Sometime around 12pm, the cut over will take place. The radio system will be completely down for approximately two minutes. When this happens, you will receive an “OUT OF RANGE” indication on your radio. We are recommending that you turn your radio off and back on. This will reset the radio and ensure your radio connects with the new system when it comes up. All radio functions, including emergency banners, will NOT work during this two minute period.
  3. Should there be a problem with the cut-over, units are to switch over to your designated back up talk-group and check in with the dispatcher. Announcements will be made prior to the cut over and after the cut is complete to make sure all units make the transition.
  4. Please be patient with dispatchers as they will be operating on walkies for much of the day tomorrow. This is because they are getting new dispatch consoles as part of this upgrade and it takes significant time to cut over each workstation.
  5. Radio system users do not need to perform any other tasks and walkie/mobiles do not need to be reprogrammed for this upgrade. Once the old system is turned off, your radios will automatically affiliate with the new system and all of the talk-groups, zones and IDs will remain the same.
  6. If there is an in-progress emergency or inclement weather tomorrow, the upgrade could be delayed.

If you have any questions, contact Jay Somerville or Patrick Brandt.