System Upgrade

COIRS System Users:

As part of our ongoing system maintenance program, Motorola will be performing an upgrade to the COIRS radio system starting Monday, March 18th . This first week of the upgrade will involve the tower sites and connectivity and be mostly transparent to the users. However, we are expecting to experience at least four “site trunking” events.  These are scheduled for the following days/times:

  • Monday, 3/18 at 10:20
  • Tuesday, 3/19 at 08:40, 13:20 and 17:20

Each event will last approximately 10 minutes. Users will receive a “SITE TRUNKING” notification on their display, but talk-groups should continue to function normally and all sites will remain functional with no expected change in coverage. Dispatch consoles will lose connectivity and dispatchers will need to be prepared to use back up radios during these events.

As with any upgrade, the schedule can fluctuate.  NRECC and/or DELCOMM will announce over the radio, including LAW MUTUAL  before each event.

CS Lauren Yankanin will be the point person during the first week of the upgrade should there be any problems. You may contact her or Director Patrick Brandt of DelComm with any problems or concerns.

During the week of March 25th, Motorola will be visiting each of the dispatch centers to perform upgrades to the MCC7500 consoles. This will cause approximately 45 minutes of down time at each position. A specific schedule for change outs is being drafted and will be shared with you when it is ready.